Kent Schools Judo Academy

Walderslade Judo Club now works in partnership the Kent Schools Judo Academy.  Below you can find out a little bit more about the partnership and the Academy.
What is the Kent Schools Judo Academy?
The Kent Schools Judo Academy (the Academy) is an organisation established to develop and promote the fascinating and fun Olympic sport of judo within Kent and works in partnership with Walderslade Judo Club.  It aims to provide increased opportunities for children and young adults to experience the sport of judo by providing school and college based classes for all ages and abilities, with an avenue to continue judo further in a mainstream judo club for those who may be interested.
Why is Walderslade Judo Club linked to the Academy?
We believe that by linking the club with the Academy we will be able to provide a seamless path for those enjoying judo at their school or college but who may also be interested in making the transition into a successful mainstream judo club, such as Walderslade Judo Club. 
Academy classes are run by current Walderslade coaches, Eddie Orgee and Caz Rawlings and it is hoped that with coaches the school and college based students already know, it should be even easier for those students considering making that transition to a mainstream judo club so they can develop and pursue their judo further. 
For more details about the Kent Schools Judo Academy go to the website here

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