December 2010   December 2010

End of Year Awards Evening

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our end of year party and competition night in December and we hope you all had a great time and enjoyed the games and the food.  Congratulations as well to each of our annual award winners, which were also announced on the night.  Each of them has worked hard during the year and we hope they keep it up in 2011.  The award winners were;

 Judoka of the Year – Rayna Jobson

Best Competition Results – Molly Harvey

Best Attendance – Cheyenne Everitt

Best Girl – Annalise Carew

Best Boy – George Plumbe

Most Improved Girl – Holly Kirkpatrick

Most Improved Boy – Ed Poole

The club has gone from strength to strength over the last year with more medals, more members and more Coaches coming on board.  However, we still have lots of plans to develop the club further in the New Year, including talking again to the Greenacre School about our hopes to set up our own permanent judo facility some time in the future.  This may still be a long way off but we firmly believe having our own dojo would help us to develop the club further and help make the sessions far more enjoyable.

We have an official BJA Referee and Table Officials Course taking place at Walderslade on 5th February, which is open to junior and senior members (with some grade restrictions) and a Dan Grade Theory Course on 21st and 22nd May in order to help our senior members progress through the higher grades.

You can also help us to develop and grow the club further by attending whenever you can and by encouraging new members into the club and maybe even encouraging ex-members back again.

In the New Year why not tell all your friends and relatives about the club and try to get them to come along and give it a go, or if you know of anyone who has stopped coming to the club over the last year, why not have a word with them in the New Year and see if you can encourage them back into judo.  

Making sure your licence is up to date is also a good way of helping us, so why not take this as an opportunity now to check that your licence is in date before we start back at training in January.   

We wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all in 2011

November 2010  

Fallon enthrals at international training event

Hot on the heels of winning two awards at the prestigious Medway Sports Awards, we hosted our 2010 international training event over the weekend of 13 – 14 November.

Once again our friends from Holland and France took part and we were again honoured to have BJA Technical Advisor Andrew Moshanov, who also starred at the event last year, returning again this year along with former European and World Champion Craig Fallon, who thrilled those in attendance in a change to our planned guest coach.

Craig led a mass warm-up and then demonstrated a number of techniques, explaining the importance of good posture, balance and control.  In the afternoon many of those present even managed to randori with him and at the end of the day he happily posed for numerous photos with an audience thrilled to have such a huge judo star on the mat with them.

The Beijing Olympian came across as a real ambassador for the sport, taking time to explain and breakdown movements to everyone from high grades to virtual beginners and everyone he interacted with had been full of praise for the top British fighter.

Almost 100 judoka, over 40 of them from Walderslade, attended the training sessions across the two days and the clubs volunteers and coaches worked hard to set up and host the event, providing meals all weekend and putting down and then taking up the 162 mats needed.

The Sunday session was led by 2007 -90 kilo Dutch National Champion Martijn Oosterveen, assisted by coaches from Walderslade and France, and then finished with some fun and games to round up another successful training weekend.


Walderslade voted Medway’s Junior Club of the Year, whilst Frances wins the Unsung Hero Award

At a gala event full of sporting talent, British internationals and sporting volunteers held on Friday 12 November, five representatives from the club attended the Medway Sports Awards.

It was an exciting night for the club as we had been short listed in two categories, Junior Club of the Year and Unsung Hero.  Representatives from sports clubs across Medway were in attendance and the atmosphere was buzzing, with photos of the nominated sports men and women, clubs and volunteers flashing up on large screens adding to the excitement.

David Garrido from BBC Radio Sport compared the event and the awards were presented by sporting stars from the world of rugby league, football, Paralympics and modern pentathlon.  Nominations received from sports clubs across Medway had been narrowed down to a last six in each category, with three awards (bronze, silver and gold) up for grabs.

With some big name clubs in the area, including Gillingham Football Club and Jumpers Trampoline Club, the competition was stiff and that made it even more special when we were announced as the Gold award winner in the Medway Junior Club of the Year category. 

In the Unsung Hero Award Frances, who was unaware of her nomination until she arrived back from Devon to help at the training weekend, was speechless when her name was announced as the gold place winner.  As you will know, Frances moved to Devon in September and receiving this award was a great way to acknowledge all of her hard work and dedication to the club over the last 14 years.  

With two awards in the bag it was a really excellent night for the club and one which makes all of the hard work and effort put in each week by our dedicated coaches, volunteers and club members all the more worthwhile.


October 2010

British Championships

At the British Championships in Sheffield over the weekend of 9thand 10thOctober, two Walderslade club members mixed it up along with around 750 of the best young judoka in Britain, seeking to gain national titles and the chance of a place in the England squad programme.

Fifteen year old Liam Banbury and 17 year old Alan Maxwell qualified to be at the event by coming in the top four at the Southern Area Trials and went head to head with the top 4 from each of the other BJA Areas and the home nations. 

Both of them faced some very tough judoka in groups of over 20 other young fighters, so medals were always going to be tough to achieve.

Liam was first to fight on the Saturday and got off to a great start against tough opposition in the form of Jason Abel from Northern Ireland.  His first fight went almost to the distance with Liam head to head with the experienced brown belt.  However, in an attempt to break the deadlock Liam locked on to the other fighter’s hips in an effort to pick him up for a counter but the other lad managed to drive forward and threw Liam with a great harai goshi (sweeping hip throw).  It was an unfortunate result but one of those things that can happen in a split second in judo and one of the things that makes the sport so demanding.  

His second contest once again almost went the distance with Liam missing out on one and perhaps two scores where he clearly countered and threw his opponent, but without any score being given by the judges.  Liam was clearly on top as the contest neared time when the other lad stuck in a good tai otoshi (body drop) attack and just clipped Liam’s foot, taking Liam over and to the mat for a yuko score.  That was in the dying seconds and with little time for Liam to come back again that ended his British Championships for this year.  This was still a sound performance from an ever improving young fighter.   

Alan competed on the Sunday in the Young Mens U81 kilo event and the draw could not have been more cruel, with Alan meeting current British Champion Conall McGregor in his opening  fight.  Despite that, Alan made a strong start, competing for grips and stopping Conall from settling in his pace.  However, with such a dangerous and experienced opponent it was not long before he secured a grip and turned Alan over with a fine uchi mata for ippon.  In order to progress any further Alan needed to win his next context and in the opening minute he was clearly on top with a score up and putting a lot of pressure on his opponent.  However, with a win in sight Alan’s opponent upped his game and managed to get in a very quick uchi mata and take Alan over for ippon. 

It had been an excellent experience for both Walderslade fighters and one which will have given them a taste of competition at the top end of the scale and hopefully the desire to go back and try again.

September 2010    

Medal success at British Championships

Medal success at British Championships for 10/11 Year Olds.  Congratulations to Molly Harvey who won a bronze , Charley Harvey who also won a bronze and Rayna Jobson who won a silver medal at this years British Championships for 10/11 Year Olds.  See Judo News for a full write up of the event.

Club bids a fond farewell to Frances

After 14 years of dedicated service with the club, September saw us say a fond farewell to Frances now that she has taken the decision to move to Devon and a enjoy a well deserved rest in the west country, living with her daughter Linda.  On Friday 10th September the club presented her with an engraved glass plaque as a thank you for all the years of dedicated hard work she has put in for the club and then, on the Saturday evening, a surprise party was held at the Robin Hood pub where many club members gathered to say their goodbyes.

Thank you very much to all those club members, parents and friends who came along on Friday and then on Saturday to help give Frances a great send-off.  We are sure it won't be the last we see of her and she has promised to come back and see us whenever she can. 

August 2010

British Masters Championship success for club Coach

In August club coach Eddie travelled to Cardiff to compete for a second time in the British Masters Championships and was successful in taking the Gold medal and the title of British Masters Champion in the M4 U66 kilo category.




June 2010

Wayne Receives the Rosemary Randall Award

In June we were very pleased to learn that Wayne Russell had been awarded the Rosemary Randall Award for his contribution to voluntary work within the club.  This was truly excellent result for Wayne and he fully deserved the recognition for all his hard work and effort each week.  Wayne attended the annual Tri-Angle Awards at the Central Theatre to receive his award in person.

May 2010

Inter-County Team Championships

In May we had four Walderslade members fighting for Kent in the annual Inter-County Team Championships held between Kent, Hampshire, Sussex and Surry.  Molly and Charley Harvey fought in the girl’s squad and Steve Stacy and Ralph Hamblett fought in for the men’s team.  In addition, it was also nice to see a couple of judoka who train at the club on a regular basis also competing at the event.  Brown Belt Rob Hutton from Medkwai JC also fought for Kent, whilst Black Belts Fiona Sutherland and Tracy Bird fought for the victorious Sussex ladies squad. (We cheered them on anyway !!).

The overall results were as follows; Girls - Bronze, Boys - Silver, Women - Silver, Men - Bronze

Westland Tournament 2010

Over the weekend of 29th – 30th May we once again travelled to Holland for the Westland Tournament.  We left on Saturday afternoon, aiming to stop on our way to and train with our friends in Lille.  We arrived in good time and the juniors took part in the afternoon session before we headed off to the hotel to shower and change.  There was only just time for a quick freshen up and then it was off for dinner at the Courtepaille Grill next to the Formule1 Hotel where we were joined by Michael Claeyssen from the Lille club.  After dinner it was off to bed as we had an early start in the morning for the last two and a half hour drive into Holland, along wth the Lille club who were attending the event for the first time.

The Westland Tournament is a very well run event attracting around 500 juniors from the age of 6 – 15 years of age from Holland, Belgium and France.  Molly was first to compete in the Girls 10/11 years group at U28 kgs. She had an excellent event and threw her first opponent with a cracking Tai Otoshi for Ippon. Her next fights went much the same way and the clubs first Gold was in the bag before lunchtime.

Charley was up next in the U32kgs group where she found the opposition a lot tougher and a lot taller. She lost both her preliminary contests and unfortunately, as can be in judo at this level, she came away without a medal on this occasion.  Bobby Dyer was taking part in his first event outside of the club and he got off to an excellent start with his first contest ending in 3 seconds for ippon. He won his next fight easily but was unfortunate in the final where he got thrown for a waza-ari by a more experienced player.  However, he came away with a silver medal at his first international championships, a truly excellent result.

Liam Banbury was hoping to improve on his result last year when he picked up a bronze. However, his pool of 8 included 6 brown belts a blue belt and Liam and many of the lads looked very experienced.  Liam gave 100% but was unable to get through the preliminary rounds.  This was Liam’s last chance at a medal at this event as he turns 16 next year so although it would have been nice to have finished with a medal placing it was not to be on this occasion.

Owen Hughes was last up in the 8/9 years U34 kgs group.  He fought hard in his first two fights clearly overpowering his opponents and taking them both into holds for ippon.  In the semi-final he had a really hard fight but with several scores on the board was clearly on top right until the end.  The final was a tough which Owen finally won with a superb tani otoshi for ippon and his first international Gold medal and a great end to the event for the clubs players.  It was nice to see all of the juniors supporting each other and cheering each other on and although Coaches Eddie and Steve were busy most of the day offering advice and tactical support, it was good to see so much support from the other juniors on the trip as well.

With 2 Gold and a Silver medal from 5 fighters it was another great result for the club.

April 2010

Kent Closed

We had 6 club members attend the Kent Closed this year and once again we had some great successes, as well as some disappointment.  Jarad Kemm was due to defend the title he gained in 2009 when he defeated all opposition really easily, but he was ill on the day and unfortunately had to pull out of the event.

Owen Hughes, who gained a Bronze in the same group in 2009 fought hard again this year but with two losses and a win he was unable to make it into the medals.  However, Charley and Molly Harvey once again went for Gold with Molly winning the U28kilo category and Charley winning the U32 kilo group. Both should now be selected to compete in the Kent Squad at the Inter-Counties event in May.  Rayna Jobson had a tough time of it in the U63 category but tried really hard and achieved a silver medal for her efforts.  Liam Banbury was our last junior to compete and had an excellent event pulling off some big ippons with his trademark O Uchi Gari. One of which must have been one of the biggest and fastest ippons of the tournament.  However, Liam was unable to clinch the gold as he was beaten by a very strong young player from Tonbridge.

All in all the clubs juniors ended up with 2 golds and 2 silvers, a very good result.

Our only senior at the event was Blue Belt Michael Rutherford who weighed in at 90.4 kgs and therefore had to fight in the U100’s instead of the U90’s !!  Still, this proved to be a blessing in disguise as he ended up winning the heavier category and taking the title of Kent Champion, a really excellent result.

March 2010

Regional Technical Officer visits Walderslade

In March we were pleased to receive a visit from the BJA’s Regional Technical Officer, Chris Doherty.  As well as his role for the BJA, Chris coaches at his own club Oxford City Judo Club. Chris, a 5th Dan and World Masters Bronze Medallist is a very experienced judoka and his own Oxford club has a very high reputation. He came to watch the junior class and then stayed to take the Friday night senior session, which went down really well with all those on the mat. Chris ran a hard session in which he demonstrated his variation on O Soto Gari.  Chris gave some good feedback on the club which we were very pleased to receive.

Visit by the Lord Mayor of Medway

In March we were also very proud to receive a visit from the Lord Mayor of Medway who had heard a number of good things about the club through our link with Kent Youth and was invited to come along and see what it was all about.  It’s not often a club can say they have had the Lord Mayor visit them and we were very pleased that Walderslade was chosen as one of only two clubs for youngsters that he chose to visit as part of his commitment to supporting youth groups in the area and the charity Kent Youth in particular.  He stayed for a few hours, watching the Junior Class where a number of club members demonstrated techniques for him and then after a photo opportunity he stayed and watch most of the senior class as well.  He was impressed with the children and the club and said he had been grateful for the opportunity to meet the clubs members.  

February 2010

Club visit to France

We had our first trip abroad in February when a number of club members visited Lille in the freezing conditions over Valentine’s Day weekend.  Although only a small group of club members attended the event we still had a great time and the children were treated to a session with special guest instructor, former U60 kilo French National Champion Jeremy Cadoux-duc.  We arrived just in time for the first session on Saturday and then headed off into Lille where we were treated to an escorted site-seeing trip around the city and although very interesting, it was bitterly cold and it might have been more enjoyable in the summer months when our teeth would not have been chattering quite so much.

Once again the Dutch club Mahorakan sent a strong contingent along with the Coach for their class, Martijn Oosterveen a former Dutch National Champion himself, which gave our juniors the chance to practice with French and Dutch judoka.  We feel these trips are really good for developing our young players and giving them opportunities in sport that they would not get elsewhere at such reasonable cost.  The chance to train with so many high graded judoka is well worth the effort and we would encourage as many of you as possible to come along on these trips where there is space.

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